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Replacing the Traditional Phone

SwyxWare can replace a traditional PBX totally. Then, all calls are handled over the IP network and no separate telephone cabling is necessary. The server software can be installed on a server PC with standard components. As accessories the user can choose between IP phones, handsets and headsets

Additionally, there are other possibilities to handle an incoming call, for instance rerouting to a mobile phone or to a colleague, recording of messages, arbitrary music on hold, individual voicemail message according to incoming phone number, call signalling via e-mail, short message service or calling line identification via DTMF.

Reasons for the exclusive implementation of an IP PBX in a company:

  • The existing telecommunication infrastructure is not suitable for the communication requirements.
  • The infrastructure in new buildings should be cost-effective through converging networks.
  • The leasing or maintenance contracts of the existing PBX have expired.
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If you want to know more about the benefits of IP telephony and what it can do for your business, please click here and we will call you back with more information.
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