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Connecting Remote Offices

For companies with several different locations, SwyxWare is especially practical if an IP fixed line already exists. In addition to data transmission, it is also possible to transmit internal calls at no additional cost. External calls are operated by a Least Cost Routing module, which terminates every call into the PSTN at that exit point most favourable.

This opens far more cost savings when implementing IP Telephony, for instance concerning internal calls between subsidiaries over the PSTN as well as management and support costs of PBXs at several sites.

Mobile Employees/Home Offices

If employees are out of office a lot or if they do not have the same workdesk every day, they can log on to SwyxWare via an ISDN or DSL connection of an ISP. This can be done with a laptop or a PC. All employees can use their 'normal' extension number and can profit from the cost-effective connection to the ISP or from a flat rate.

If you want to know more about the benefits of IP telephony and what it can do for your business, please click here and we will call you back with more information.

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