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The Option Pack SwyxFax enhances the range of interesting and useful features in SwyxWare. The client/server solution enables users to use fax services on every PC. SwyxFax is a software component installed on SwyxGate which uses the existing B-channels to the PSTN to process incoming and outgoing fax messages. Incoming documents are received by SwyxFax and are delivered to a central unit, from where they are automatically distributed to the individual users.

The Client/Server Fax Solution

With SwyxFax Client fax messages can be sent from every application that includes printing options. All fax messages can be managed centrally. There is the possibility of creating a personal phonebook or you can select a fax number from your Microsoft® Outlook® contacts.

Fax via email

SwyxFax can also be configured to send faxes via email if there is a SMTP capable mail server available. Faxes will then be delivered the same way as voicemails and the user receives all voice and fax messages in the email inbox. The fax will be submitted as a DCX attachment and can be opened and edited with the included viewing program.

Screenshot of SwyxFax Client
Screenshot: SwyxFax Client

Screenshot of Send a fax
Screenshot: Send a fax

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